What's this blog? A Short Introduction

What’s this blog about?

This blog is simply a place for me to put some of the more coherent thoughts I have into words. I love math, statistics, and programming. I think about them pretty much all day, every day. I often find myself captivated by a problem or find some cool, new trick or idea. I like to share these things, but often I don’t have a place I can do anything more than mention to someone in passing, “Hey, isn’t this neat!”

This blog was created to give me a place to practice writing and share things that I find interesting or entertaining.

What I’ll be writing about

I’m a graduate student in biostatistics (which is just a fancy, more confusing word for statistics typically applied to some medical or public health problem) so there will definitely be a heavy emphasis on math and statistics. I write a lot of code for analyses for work. I enjoy programming in my free time too, so there will also be a focus on programming from both a statistical and general perspective.

These are my current interests. Most likely the subject of any given post will come from one or more of these:

Hopefully someone other than me will get something out of reading this site. If you do, please drop me a line here.